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Mutation means we can design every app to work for every person.

Project Phoebe is an open-source exploration of mutative design, a design methodology that would allow interfaces and experiences to evolve and change according to each individual user's specific needs.

Research, Theory & mutative patterns

Mutative design is still in early days. More mutative patterns, implementations, and design considerations are being actively explored and researched. Stay up to date with the Project Phoebe publication on Medium.

Selene: The first mutative sample app

Selene is the first mutative sample app. It's a simple note-taking app with two basic mutations built in. Canvas and text contrast are automatically enhanced based on ambient conditions. When users need help to get started, the interface responds. Read about designing Selene and join the beta test below.

Open source design & code

All of the design & code assets discussed in current publications about Project Phoebe are available on github. Hit the link below to explore current resources and stay up to date when new resources become available.

Stay up to date on Project Phoebe

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